Brief History

ANKA Consultancy Group was founded by Ayhan YASAN and Dr. Mahmut BAYCAN in 2001.

Hasan Şevki BİLGİN , Abdurrahman GÜRBÜZ, and Muhammed Burkay DURAK became the partner of ADG Company, in 2010, 2014 and 2015 respectively, based on their service periods and developments.

In 2002, Eskisehir branch was opened, followed by Ankara office in 2009 later integrated with Eskisehir branch. For some period, it conducted on-site foreign market research surveys for its clients via its liaison office in Frankfurt, Germany.

ADG provides services with its 50 permanent personnel consisting of managers, academicians, experts and analysts. With the employees who have employment contracts for certain periods of time to employ them in certain projects, the number of personnel reaches to 130 persons.

It established Sehremini City Institutions, Politics and Management in 2010 and IRADE Management Science and Technologies in 2013, with the experience obtained in the operations in the local managements, chambers of commerce, foundations and associations since 2006.

In addition, some on-site personnel pool is available consisting of 200 persons including license and post-graduate students able to conduct operations in all provinces in Turkey, to be assigned for short-term missions in field assignments.

It is working as a project and business partner with five different entities in which 115 expert personnel and managers are employed in aggregate, with average experiences of 10 to 25 years in the market on the subjects including financial analysis and audit, law, public relations, site research. Thanks to its infrastructure open to cooperation with universities, it is able to conduct special projects in all regions of Turkey.